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Sake Manzo (Tuanjiehu)  
Category: Sushi / Japanese Bars  Chāo yáng qū tuanjiehu bei san li jia 3 hao
District: Tuanjiehu
Tag: +86 10 6436 1608
I’ve been a fan of Sake Manzo for a while now. Their restaurants are normally very comfortable inside and each has a quirky character that I find interesting. This restaurant has wine bottle lights,...
8/16/2011 First to Review
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Da Gui  
Category: Guizhou/Guangxi  Dōngchéngqū Jiāodao Kǒu Dàxīng Hútòng 69 Hào, Dōng Chéng Fēnjú Páng
District: AnDingMen
Tag: +86 10 6407 1800
One of the area’s hidden gems. The restaurant doesn’t look like much inside or out but the food is very good. Sorry, but only Chinese is spoken however for the adventurous the menu does have photos ...
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Ganges Indian Restaurant  
Category: Barbecue Indian/Pakistani Halal  Cháoyángqū Jiāng Tái Lù 2 Hào Hǎi Rùn Guójì Gōngyù Dǐ Shāng 5 Hào
District: LiDu
Tag: expansive menu bbq chicken +86 10 5135 8353
Ganges has an expansive menu that has something for everyone. That’s one of the things I like about the menu and the restaurant. Love spice? They have spice. Love BBQ? They have it. Want exotic ...
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Yonghe King  
Category: Taiwanese  Chāoyáng qū yáo jiāyuán lù 10 hào (Chāoyáng tǐyùguǎn shòupiào chù páng)
District: Tuanjiehu
Tag: soy milk +86 10 8598 8382
This fast food restaurant is clean and open all night. Unfortunately it doesn’t get much attention due to the plethora of street food located just 100 m up the street. Nevertheless, come winter the ...
3/12/2010 First to Review
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Lijiang Preserved Spare Ribs Hotpot  
Category: Hot Pot  Dōngchéngqū Gǔlóudōng Dàjiē 217 Hào
District: NanLuoGuXiang
Tag: +86 10 8408 3738
We had a bunch of friends gather here over the weekend. The shop is small but the boss is very welcoming. I did a stint in Hubei years back and in the winter we would eat preserved meats – fish, por...
10/21/2009 First to Review
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Swissotel Beijing Hong Kong Macau Center  
Category: Hotel  Dōngchéngqū Cháoyángmén Běidà Jiē 2 Hào
District: ChaoYangMen
Tag: +86 10 6553 2288
The swissotel itself is good hotel with international quality lodging, service, and facilities but because it’s fairly old it is not as modern as those built just prior to the Olympics. What it doesn...
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