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Da Gui  
Category: Guizhou/Guangxi  Dōngchéngqū Jiāodao Kǒu Dàxīng Hútòng 69 Hào, Dōng Chéng Fēnjú Páng
District: AnDingMen
Tag: +86 10 6407 1800
What Da gui lacks in presentation and environment it makes up for in taste. They close pretty early compared to the many restaurants in the surround area but they will stay open late if you call ahea...
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Category: Italian  Haidian Qu Zhongguan Cun Dajie 19 Hao Xin Zhong Guan Shichang L216
District: ZhongGuanCun
Tag: +86 10 8248 6172
An other run of the mill Italian restaurant that belongs to the Pastarito chain. The menu features all the usual Italian suspects, but in my opinion is dying for a makeover. Italian food should be abo...
10/21/2008 First to Review
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Obiwan - CLOSED  
Category: Bars  Dōngchéngqū Xī Hǎi Xī Yán 4 Hào
District: AnDingMen
Tag: +86 10 8322 1231
This little gem is not the easiest bar to find, but well worth the effort. I come here for the rooftop seating and the relaxing views of the lake. The people behind this hip three storey bar/club offe...
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Hai Bar  
Category: Bars  Yandai Xiejie 36 Hao
District: XiCheng District
Tag: +86 10 6403 4913
Tucked in between Houhai lake and the drum and bell towers, this tranquil little bar offers much more than decent cocktails. I often come here just to read a book and get away from it all. Staff are p...
8/1/2008 First to Review
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The First Lounge Bar - Park Plaza Beijing Wangfujing  
Category: Bars  Dōngchéngqū Jīnbǎo Jiē 97 Hào Běijīng Lì Tíng Jiǔdiàn Nèi
District: WangFuJing
Tag: +86 10 8522 1999 x3607
This is a decent hotel bar complete with its own disco and private booths. I met a friend who was staying here and despite out initial misgivings we had a fab time while working our way through the ex...
5/18/2008 First to Review
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Guitar Bar  
Category: Bars  Dōngchéngqū Gu lou dong da jie 35 Hào
District: NanLuoGuXiang
Tag: +86 10 6406 3937
Another Nanluoguxiang bar well worth a visit if like me you appreciate live music. As the name suggests, expect lots of finger-picking and some more eccentric performances. Come early if you want a se...
7/16/2008 First to Review
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