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1 .  Bocata
Category: Sandwiches 
Sānlǐtún Běi Jiē 3 Hào
Sanlitun Area   
+86 10 6417 5291
Bocata is one of my favorite outdoor restaurants in Sanlitun. I admit to not visiting much in the winter but when the summer comes you’ll find me here enjoying the outdoor seating...
2 .  Stone Boat Cafe
Category: Music Venues 
Chāoyáng qū Rìtán gōngyuán lǐ, húbiān
JianWai Street   
+86 10 6501 9986
This used to be one of the coolest places to meet friends over a drink and jazz. It was also the only way one could get into Ritan Park after dark. The summer was the best. Not ...
3 .  Vineyard Cafe
Category: Western Breakfast - Western Jazz & Blues
Dōngchéngqū Wǔdào Yíng Hútòng 31 Hào, Yōnghé Gōng Qiáo Nán
+86 10 6402 7961
I will be the first to admit that I’m not a “foodie” in the strictest definition of the word. I love eating out and do so quite often. I pay attention to details and have lived ar...
4 .  1F
Category: Bars 
Chaoyangqu sanlitun hou jie tong li 1 ceng
Sanlitun Area   
+86 10 6416 4549 / DELIVERY HOTLINE 400-720-1717
Good bar but a bit smoky and at times incredibly loud. I’m surprised at how packed it was this weekend. The beer ranges from inexpensive to very. Qingdao beer is 15 rmb and tast...
5 .  One Way Street Library
Multiple locations
Category: Cafe Books & Magazines
Chāoyáng qū Chāoyáng gōngyuán lù 6 hào yuàn lánsè gǎngwān 11 hào lóu RS-16 hào
ChaoYang Park   
+86 10 5905 6973
This book store has been around for ages. Back in the day I used to go to the Summer Palace One way street library. They just opened up at Solana and this location has to be my fa...
6 .  Aperitivo
Category: Wine Bars 
Chāoyáng qū Sānlǐtún běi jiē nán lù 43 hào
Sanlitun Area   
+86 10 6417 7793
Wow, what a difference a bit of renovation makes. Before I go on I have to add, “It’s about time” – the old Aperitivo was a dump for too long. All in all, the layout hasn’t chan...
7 .  Bar Blu
Category: Bars 
Cháoyángqū Sānlǐtún Hòujiē Tóng Lǐ 4 Céng
Sanlitun Area   
+86 10 6417 4124
Welcome to Night Club. The first rule of Night Club is: you do not talk about Night Club. The second rule of Night Club is: you DO NOT talk about Night Club! Third rule of Night Cl...
8 .  Beer Mania
Category: Bars 
Chāoyáng qū Sānlǐtún nán jiē 16 hào tài yuè háo ting 103
Sanlitun Area   
+86 10 6585 0786
This is a fun roadside bar with lots of character, not much space, and an extremely cramped bathroom. Outside seating is generally best but if you arrive early enough you may be a...
9 .  Cafe Europa - CLOSED
Category: European 
Jiàn Wài Soho 11 Hào Lóu Yīcéng 1113 Hào
JianWai Street   
+86 10 5869 5663
Like just about anything in Jianwai SOHO it takes a while to find- It’s in the West block which is the one not opposite Guomao/ China World Trade Center. Look for the billboard sig...
10 .  Eudora Station
Category: American 
Cháoyángqū Fāng Yuán Xī Lù 6 Hào
+86 10 6437 8331
went there for a small family lunch last saturday. We ordered lunch : buffet for adults and pizzas for kids. The 2 small margarita pizzas for the kids arrived more than one hour la...
11 .  LAN Club
Category: Fusion Bars
Chāoyáng qū jiànguó mén wài dàjiē E12 Shuāngzǐzuò dàshà 4 céng
JianWai Street   
+86 10 5109 6012
LAN survives on design only. When it opened years back the Philip Stark design garnered a lot of press however three years later one can see that this warehouse of bad taste surviv...
12 .  Le Petit Gourmand
Category: French 
Chaoyang Qu Sānlǐtún Tóng Lǐ 3 Céng
Sanlitun Area   
+86 10 6417 6095 / DELIVERY HOTLINE 400-720-1717
stylish but not pretentious... good and not expensive... fun and totally awesome... is a good place to be! we met one of the french guys who work there and totally made our night r...
13 .  Mrs. Shanen's Bagels
Category: Bagels Bakeries 
Xī Bái Xīn Zhuāng Cūn Kāifā Jiē 5 Hào
+86 10 8046 4301
It's one thing to be expensive, but to nickel and dime customers to death is just plain exhausting. Without a doubt, Mrs. Shanen's Bagels has great tasting, high quality breakfas...
14 .  Nashville
Category: Western Barbecue Bars 
Chāoyáng qū màizi diàn zǎo yíng lù 29 hào hǎoyùn jiē B10 hào
ChaoYang District   
+86 10 5867 0298 / DELIVERY HOTLINE 400-720-1717
Nashville is a great bar that was unfortunately placed on the not so lucky "lucky street". The single malt selection is good and during their happy hours you can get to drink some...
15 .  Paper - CLOSED
Category: Chinese Contemporary
Dongcheng qu Gǔlóu Dōng Dàjiē 138 Hào
+86 10 8401 5080
we went on tuesday evening for dinner , the restaurent lookds simply superb and the service really such a wonderful treat by them. the paper contemporaty cuisine great ambiance wit...
16 .  Private Kitchen No.44
Category: Guizhou/Guangxi 
Xìguǎn Hútòng 44 Hào
+86 10 6400 1280
I wanted this experience to be impressive but mostly it wasnt. The name and location way down a hutong suggest a potential hidden discovery. Sadly the execution is just quite not t...
17 .  The Den
Category: Sports Bars 
Cháoyángqū Gōng Tǐ Dōng Lù Jiǎ 4 Hào, Chéngshì Bīnguǎn Páng
Sanlitun Area   
+86 10 6592 6290
If you have nobody with you Den is the place to be.You can perhaps meet someone whom you had met 2 years ago somewhere.May be you can meet someone you had known but not met for lon...
18 .  Traktirr-Traktir Pushkin Russian Cuisine Restaurant
Multiple locations
Category: Russian 
Dōngchéngqū Dōngzhímén Nèi Dàjiē 5-15
+86 10 8407 8158
This place does certain things well. You have to know that going in. Good: Beef covered in potatoes, carrots, sour cream and cheese (闷牛肉 in Chinese) - This dish is about as cl...
19 .  W Dine & Wine - CLOSED
Category: European
Dōngzhímén Wài Dàjiē 22-1 Hào
ChaoYang District   100027
+86 10 6416 9838
Employees of the Canadian and Australian Embassies have been keeping a secret about one of their favorite dining establishments. Well, the cat is coming out of the bag! Owner and h...
20 .  Q-bar
Category: Bars
Cháoyángqū Sānlǐtún Nán Lùdōng Mén Yì Yǔ Jiǔdiàn 6 Céng
Sanlitun Area   
+86 10 6595 9239
Not as good as the apothecary but still very good. I want to love q-bar like when I first discovered their rooftop but waiting for my cocktail for 30 minutes doesn't appeal to me....
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