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Peking Union Medical Hospital
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Categories: Women's Health 
Dōng Dān Běidà Jiē 53 Hào

+86 10 6529 5284

Tags: Discrimination(1) Ripoff,(1) Scam,(1)
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Mike T.
This is a place to avoid entirely.

To start off, they are not linked into the beijing health record system and your card is useless unless it is theirs. They also demand you purchase a record book of their own. 10RMB in the door.

Next is the story. I went to Xiehe for a yeast infection and basically just needed a dose of diflucan to kill it after a week of suffering and ineffective OTC solutions. Diflucan costs 26RMB in the pharmacy near me, but needs a script and they would have to order it, but could get it by morning.

I went to the 1st floor registration desk and was immediately directed to 2nd floor dermatology after telling them the problem.

On the 2nd floor I was directed to get their card and register my information. They wanted 5RMB for the card and 200RMB just to be seen. If you know anything about Beijing Hospitals, the fee to be seen is 5-10RMB tops. This led me back downstairs where I tried again and was more vague with the problem, had to purchase their own (non-refundable) book for 5RMB. The doctors are in on the scam as well and absolutely refused to see me and demanded that I go upstairs and all foreigners *have* to go there. I used this as an opportunity to get them to check the pharmacy for what would be given to me for the problem.

It would have been Diflucan IV 2*50mg bag and an "herbal" spacer instead of saline. 200+ RMB per bag of diflucan and another 80 for the saline-substitute. This is *half* the dosage for an actual diflucan treatment via IV. Their response is that this is a 2-3 day treatment. Each time to check in would be 200RMB, each day of meds would be 480RMB. So we are now talking anywhere from 1370-2050RMB!

Refusing to pay this insane amount, we left (IVs are all basically a scam in China) and picked up a dose of Diflucan at a pharmacy on the way back who didnt care that it wasn't OTC for 26RMB once we had a doctor call them and say it was what I needed.

2050RMB and 3 wasted days vs. 26 RMB and 1 pill.

Stay away from this place unless you like to be robbed.
Tag: Scam, Ripoff, Discrimination
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