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K. K. Rabbit
Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou
Reviewed by beiingcd b.
This evening I used KK rabbit to deliver me a pizza. When it arrived it was cold. I tried to communicate this to the delivery guy but my Chinese didn't stretch enough to know what he was saying. I rang KK they said they would send me a new one. Bit of a long wait but it was ok. When it arrived the delivery guy started asking me for money. I assumed it was an error and they hadn't told him. He suddenly started being totally aggressive. I was so scared I closed the door to ring KK. He started manically shouting and banging on the door. KK understood and his manager rang him to tell him to go back twice but he still wouldn't leave and continued to shout and bang for 40 minutes. In the end KK rang the security guard to escort him away. Beware!
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