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K. K. Rabbit
Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou
Reviewed by Dee C.
At first, we loved K. K. They were quick, efficient, nice. But lately...a couple of weeks ago we placed an order, and finally had to call them. They said the order was refused by the restaurant. HUH? The next week we again had no call. We called and the excuse was that they were having website issues. Ok, then why not inform your customers of that with a small blurb on the site??? Today, we hit submit twice but no order completion screen. We called to get the lowdown, and they didn't know what was wrong, but would take care the order over the phone. So once again site issues. Then there was the weird delivery charge thing, where they tell us 22 kuai, but then it turns out to be more, in spite of "calibration". The rabbit is not faring well. Hopefully it will get better soon. I don't want to see them not make it. It's a great service!
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