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South Silk Road ...nicest restaurant I’ve been to in the Sanlitun area and one of the best I’ve been to in Beijing
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CiCi's Burger Burger King Fatburger Go Ape - Chaoyang Park Gustomenta Romana Italian Ice Cream Cold Stone Ice Cream
Cici's Burger Burger King Fatburger GO APE Gustomenta Romana Ita... Cold Stone
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12 Things to do in Beijing
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One East 2 for 1 Business Lunch @ One East: This sizzling August, host your friend to the coolest business lunch at Hilton Beijing’s award-winning restaurant One East and enjoy a money-saving 2 for 1 summer...
Coffee Garden Mediterranean Enticements: Every Thursday night starting from 13 May 2010. The dinner buffet will showcase a wide range of culinary specialties from Spain, Italy, Greece and North Africa....
Westin Beijing Chaoyang Mid-Autumn Festival. The Westin Beijing Chaoyang presents exquisite selection of moon cakes integrated with SuperFoods ingredients, in a variety of ce...
  • Drink
Oh Marco Summer wine Sale nº3. Oh Marco Wine Cellar Summer Wines Sales No.2. From the 28th July to 1st of August, big discount on our new imported Wines from France, Australia, USA and Chile.
Bling BLING II BLING: On August 6 & 7, 2010 weekend, come out and celebrate as Bling turns TWO. Beijing's hottest hip-hop club, BLING, will be celeb...
Romano Italian Ice Cream Romana Ice Cream W/ Half Price Coffee. If you buy a Romana Ice Cream for ¥25 or more, you may buy a cup of freshly ground Italian Coffee for half price. Offer avai...
  • Jam
Yugong Yishan Electric Indigo rocks Beijing: LE Contemporary Art Platform brings you the 1st kick-ass performance in 2010 and starts its tour through China: Electric Indigo is
Punk DJ CRAZE (3 x World DMC Champion). No other DJ in the world has 3 world DMC titles; it’s that simple; Craze is one of the best turntablists in the world. It's t...
Natti Vogel Natti Vogel at YGYS: Natti Vogel started performing his original compositions in a bohemian flophouse in New York City's West Village at the age of 17....
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Langham Place Capital Airport Hotel Become Resident DJ for Langham Place Capital Airport Hotel. Are you looking to establish yourself as a DJ? We’re looking to find some raw local talent to become our resident DJ aka &l...
The World of Chinese Traditional Chinese handicraft workshop. The World of Chinese presents a series of traditional Chinese handicraft workshops for foreign and Chinese readers. Pan Zheng, a...
Christian Lemmerz Christian Lemmerz' exhibition. Christian Lemmerz has created a large installation entitled Hypnosis, which seeks to confront us directly with our own life – and not least our own death.
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--> Scallop Promotion - Tasty gourmet made with scallops
--> Regency Taipan - ...gently over stones...
--> Dongbei Ren - Jiaozi and floral patterns
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Juice Bars
China has long since been aware of the medicinal benefits of fresh fruit. Lychee is said to be excellent for virility while Chinese dates are good for women. Tiny Golgi berries have more Vit C than several oranges and thus are a perfect way to fight off colds.  Persimmon, the sweet fruit masquerading as a tomato, is said to be the best of all curing or alleviating many common ailments. In the West "blue fruits" are hailed as brain food. Pretty much everyone believes in carrot juice for the eyes. Unfortunately much of the "fresh fruit" drinks in China has tons of additives. Good news for China's fresh juice lovers - today China's State Food & Drug Admin. released regulations banning food additives in fresh juices! This week, we give you a short list of where to get good ol' fresh juice - sans the additives.
Where's the Juice?
Eden Juice Bar - (Sanlitun) "I have to say it is possibly the freshest fruit juice bar I have been in Beijing. Every juice is made fresh..."
Live Well - Juice Cafe - (SanYuan Bridge) "Good (and healthy) sandwich joints are located outside of the Sanlitun area and this is one of them. I recommend the chicken avocado sandwich on flatbread. The sandwich is light..."
Pure Smoothies - (Sanlitun Area) "Tasty treats these veggie and fruit smoothies are. They rely less on sugar then their neighbor across the way, Starbucks. The Almond milkshake is amazing. The Mango Jumbo is an..."
IF Juices - (GuoMao & April Gourmet) Started in 2007 by a few Germany guys, IF is the most reliably fresh and delicious fruit drink we have found in Beijing. Not pasteurized therefore a 24-72 hour shelf-life on juice products.
Kosmo - (Shijingshan) "They have a plethora of fresh fruit drinks, protein this and that, smoothies, organic soy drinks and things that are supposed to give you more power."
Element Fresh - (Sanlitun & Lidu) "The fresh squeezed juices are beautifully rich and although they are expensive for Beijing, they are worth every last RMB. Surroundings wise, EF is as clean as the food they serve."
Joy Luck Restaurant - (Sanlitun Area) "..my juice, which was freshly squeezed, and poured into a moderately large plastic cup with a straw, cost me 18 RMB; a steal considering what they charge in Element Fresh for ingredients that are either NOT fresh or spruced up with sugar."
Rumi - (Sanltun Area) "...they've an excellent selection of juices (pomegranate... ...The fresh blended fruit juices are also very good. ...no alcohol served they offer a range of freshly made juices, which are nice and fresh but could do with some ice in it to make it cold."
JAZCU JUICE BAR - (4 Beijing locations) "...manage your drink. I’ve sat in line and watched one catastrophe after another being ordered. Of course when their drink arrives they are disappointed..."
Seasons - (Shunyi) "Seasons has a smoke free juice bar. Ingredients are largely locally sourced but are seasonal so “here today, gone tomorrow”. Good for smoothies, and fresh squeezed / blended fruit drinks."
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